Mountain Biking in Bir

When you think of mountain biking, what comes to mind? For many, mountain biking evokes images of a mud-splattered young rider flying over impossible obstacles or a pair of bikers racing down a near-vertical descent. While mountain biking can be a thrilling sport, it’s also a leisurely pastime. Well, there are many reasons why mountain biking is awesome and we made a list for you!

Once in a while, you have to come out of you busy schedule and enjoy the nature and go for some adventure trip. If you have already decided for an adventurous trip, you have to visit Himachal Pradesh which is a good place for adventure sports. Any adventure sport you wish to participate, you can come her to enjoy the beauty of the nature. If you are keen on exploring and travelling through the hill, you can enjoy mountain biking.

There are many places in Himachal Pradesh where you can trek and camp.You can cover a good distance by mountain biking exploring nature and its beauty.The place is surrounded by Tea gardens and forests and there are many places to visit like Buddhist Monasteries, Barot, Rajgunda and more and all places are good for mountain biking. You can opt for a bunch of adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, camping and mountain biking in Bir Billing.

Another reason why Bir Billing is a good place for Paragliding, Camping, Mountain-Biking, Trekking is that you will find numerous learning schools and licensed pilots here. And almost all of the pilots and schools have appropriate license and certifications so there is no issue about safety as well. Also, since Billing is at a height of 2430m, it is a suitable spot for solo flying as well.

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