Camping in bir billing

Bir Billing Camping is another great adventure after Paragliding. It’s cold climate attract number of tourist for Camping. You will enjoy very much Bonefire in Camping. There are number of agency that provides Camping in different location.

You can Search and compare all camping packages here and choose best according to your desire.

If you are visiting Bir Billing for Paragliding then we suggest to do camping also. Bir Billing Camping is much better than to stay in Hotel. In camping you can also enjoy the trekking , Bone fire and some music. You can also enjoy with local artist.

Camp site is well connected with roads and to reach camp one need to ride on 2 km. off road in the unmetalled road through forest.

  • Campsite is 5 km from Paragliding landing area, Bir.
  • Campsite is 4 km from Bir Chock.
  • Campsite is 18 km from take-off point of paragliding, Billing.
  • Campsite is 16 km from Baijnath.
Why Camping in Bir-Billing.
  • Amazing climate place and weather conditions.
  • Landscape and nature beautiful views of Bir Billing Valley.
  • Location of cam oak view re energize you.

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