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Camping in Bir Billing

Bir Billing Camping

Bir Billing is famous for paragliding but the place is not only restricted to it but has many more adventures. Captivating scenery and the pleasant climate attract several tourists for Camping. There are many camping sites in different locations where people enjoy very much especially Bonfire Camping.

If you are visiting Bir Billing for Paragliding then we suggest doing camping also. Bir Billing Camping is much better than to stay in the Hotel. In camping, you can also enjoy trekking, Bone fire, and some music. You can also enjoy local artists.

Why Camping in Bir Billing?

You should go camping in Bir-Billing as the place has amazing climate and weather conditions are soothing. It is one of the best camping sites near Delhi. It has beautiful landscapes, natural beautiful views and the oak view re-energize you.

How to reach Campsite in Bir Billing?

You can reach the campsite easily as it is well connected with roads and one only needs to ride 2km. off-road through the forest.

  • The campsite is 5 km from the Paragliding landing area, Bir
  • It is 4 km from Bir Chock
  • It is 18 km from the take-off point of paragliding, Billing
  • It is just 16 km from Baijnath

So while sorting out the best agencies or tour operators search and compare all camping packages and choose the best according to your desire.

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